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...... Donut MK I ......

Wanted something simple, strong, and with no weight on the donut. Since the waist plate is aluminium, decided to go with steel screws directly to the rockler bearing. The donut is then purely cosmetic. It only takes a minute to hold the torso in place with a couple of wingnuts.

Started off normally ...  

... but then went all Salvador Dali on me - lesson: don't move the iPhone while taking a picture.  

Painted, and with the Rockler bearing in place.  

8 stainless steel M6 screws and washers, with aluminium spacers cut to the correct height for easy assembly, to support the Rockler.  

Inner ring of the Rockler bearing has 6 x M6 screws poking upwards, that will secure the torso with wing nuts accessed through the side vents.  

The donut is held in place at the bottom but has no structural purpose.  

Finished assembly with torso rotation gear attached.  

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