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...... Radio Transmitter/Receiver ......

This is not an essential modification but i found it useful to extend the battery life of the transmitter.

WARNING! - this will void your warranty, but if you are proficient at soldering it is a fairly easy and safe mod to make.
Using the Spektrum DX7, which has a rechargeable battery of 9.6v, but a transmitter stage (where much of the power is consumed) of only 3.3 volts. It has a cheap linear regulator that burns off most of the energy as heat, whereas the more expensive switching regulator is about 85% efficient.

The replacement 3-pin regulator is a DE-SW033 from Dimension Engineering, the same people who make the popular Sabertooth motor controller. Examples of this modification can be found on their website.

Before - Circled are the new switching regulator and the linear regulator it will replace.

After - Switching regulator soldered in place.

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