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...... Power Pack ......

Got this great kit from Bill K, so not much more to do than put it together.

Circuit board as it comes. The original boards were typically a darker colour.

Surprisingly the wood tint worked very well for colouring the board.

From this photo of an original board, there seems to be a track missing. Maybe it's a slightly different model from the one used on the hero robot - anyway i'm sure nobody will notice :-)

Bought this small end connector (green) from Robby of the B9 club, as a replacement for the resin one in the kit. Couldn't find one for the large connector, except for one place that had a minimum oder of $500 and wouldn't deal with me anyway because was outside the USA.

Used the Dremel to cut slots in the large end connector to take brass inserts to replicate the original, sawn off, pins.

Also ground down the 'legs' on the small end connector so it fits better in the frame.

Picked up this 1960's aircraft coffee maker to reuse the buttons in a B205 console. Inside were a couple of boards with parts that would fit the power pack: 3 metal transistors, large silver capacitor, a few resistors, and blue multi-turn pot complete with red wax on the end.

To be continued . . .

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