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...... Back Plate ......

Will be using a scratch built acrylic 'neon'. Never liked the look of the neon recessed too deeply into the torso, or with large gaps at the side. Wanted the 'neon' flush up against the inner side of the torso opening, with the backplate going all the way underneath the neon at the sides. Also prefer the early season one look, where the neon bars were closer together and there were more of them. So made the backplate to fit that scheme.

Used 12mm dowelling in the form work for the backplate, so the backplate will sit only a couple of mm behind the 10mm acrylic rods.

Filled in the inner surface with 'bog' (don't know if that term is used in the USA but aussies will understand), before heating an acrylic sheet and bending to match the inner surface - no photos of that for some reason.

Final backplate, painted and with 2mm thick spacers on the sides, ready to attach the acrylic rods by passing small cable ties through the holes.

The top part is from a regular fibreglass back plate, cut off and stuck to the acrylic plate i made.

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