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...... New Wrist Inserts ......

Making New Wrist Inserts

This started out as a plan to make the wrist plate from laser cut acrylic at the Sydney Robot Workshop. But grew into a complete design thanks to Dave Everett who gave me a crash course in 3D CAD, and some great advice on how to make robotic parts.

Current design includes bearings, gears to keep the calws moving in sync, opening/closing and rotation servos, mounting brackets for the wrist articulation motors in the arms. This is specifically to fit Craigs wrist, once it's complete and i settle on the final design i can make it available to others, if anyone is interested.

By nesting a few components the whole thing fitted on a piece of 300 x 485 X 3mm acrylic.

If you join your local Hacker Space you'll be able to use their laser cutter etc all you want. If not they usually charge a small fee for visitors (e.g. $10/day) to go there and pick their brains or use the equipment. For one wrist i paid $10 for the acrylic and $2-3 for the laser cutting time. Even cheaper if you bring your own acrylic.

Starting to glue together all the pieces using Weld-on 3. (The label says it is known to cause cancer in California - but i'm in Australia, so i guess i'm safe)

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