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...... Brain Lights ......

This is another great idea from the Sydney Robot Workshop and the hacker group "Robots and Dinosaurs"

Assembling the components, installing in the brain, and hacking the code to flash more like a B9 robot, took less than 1 hour.

You can buy the components separately, but i started off with this kit from Adafruit Industries because it came complete with 1m of individually addressable LED strip, microprocessor, assembly instructions, sample code, and libraries. All for about $60

Installation couldn't be simpler, only 4 wires to connect. The strip is encased in silicone so there is no risk of short circuits, just wrap it around the inside of the brain, it will naturally try to extend outwards to the brain walls. A small dab of Silastic would be enough to hold it in place if needed. i lined 2 of the LED's up with the eye positions and programmed them to be on constantly instead of flashing like the rest, but you could also use separate LED's if you wanted to.

Here is the initial result of that 1hrs work.

The colours, brightness, and duration of flash are all random, so it never repeats, and actually looks like there are more lights than there really are.

Sorry for the poor quality video, it's difficult to get the lights to show up the way they really are (they look much better in real life). To show how flexible this is, it starts out here with the "traditional" white lights, then changes to blue eyes with white flashing lights, then to coloured flashing lights, you can program it to do whatever effect you like.

Have now added the finger lights, and the 3 on the top of the brain to the same LED strip. They can all be changed via the software so that, for example, different chest buttons can be pressed to initiate different light patterns. i'll try to get some better shots now it's finished.

Also there are newer LED strips with 60 LED's per meter instead of 32, i've bought some but not used them yet.

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