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...... Misc ......

This is a place for odd things that aren't worth putting on their own page

Power wheel chair picked up for a couple of hundred dollars, to reuse the motors/batteries/charger in the robot. Would also make a great base for "Davros" ...

Noticed this printer drum was 1.25" aluminium tube, perfect for a soil sampler - just put it in the drill press and used some fine emery to to take of the green coating.

LED replacement for globe, 12v with built in resistor. 10 for $3 with free postage, from 'that evil auction site'

Very nicely made rack n pinion gear, travel is about 3.25", may use this for the bubble lifter

Aluminium gears from a 'robotic gripper', will use those to ensure the claws open and close together, rather than the more bulky mechanism that came with the claws

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