Mike's Lost In Space B9 Robot

 An incomplete building log ...

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With some other Aussie builders at the Sydney Robot Workshop 2011

This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to constructing a B9 robot. Parts done in the 'typical' club standard way, may not be covered, only sections that have been done a bit differently, or may be of interest to other builders will appear here.

Also the aim wasn't to create an exact 'worts and all' copy of the screen used prop, but rather a working mechanical version of the 'perfect robot' as i remember him from childhood.

My Robot. Not finished obviously, but made some progress since then, this was his first test of mobility.


It may be theoretically possible to construct a B9 without the help of the 'B9 Robot Builders Club' - but i wouldn't want to try it!

Also thanks to all the Aussie builders, especially Gary Olley for bringing together builders from all over Australia, who otherwise probably never would have met. Dave Everett and the Sydney Robot Workshop for support and hosting our get togethers. Jon and Alex for their encouragement and hospitality while in Sydney. Due to all of them it has been a much easier, and more enjoyable experience.

And thank you to Bob Greiner for inspiration and permission to use the web page design.


It is sometimes difficult to remember where on the internet you found various files or pictures, if there are any used in this site that belong to you, and you would like them acknowledged or removed, please let me know and i will do so immediately.

Will try to keep the text brief, and let the pictures tell the story, apologies for the quality of some of the photos taken with an older mobile phone.