-= Under Construction (14/11/06) =-

Being a non-profit, cooperative venture, there are too many people involved to thank everyone individually, but there are some who's input has been so significant we can't not mention them. (if anyone feels "left off" please contact us)

Firstly there are the "regulars" who have donated so much time and effort - Brian, Guido, Mike, Scott, Al ...

And many people from the other organisations we are closely involved with:

Astronomical Group of Western Australia (AGWA).
SETI Research and Community Development Institute.
Perth Acadamy of Science.
Binocular, Telescope ond Optical World (BTOW).

With particular thanks for the following specific instances:

Rocco of Golden Grove Orchard for providing the land and other facilities.

H.U.G. Engineering for design and construction of the main dish mounting at what must have been cost price.

Graeme Clement for the optical shaft encoders on the main dish.